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Curriculum Music Borrow Boxes for Primary Schools


As a classroom primary school music specialist, I can vouch first hand for the positive impact of regular engagement in classroom music. I have developed these boxes to be an easy, all-in-one resource to offer support and encouragement to mainstream teachers in relation to NIC music.


The boxes are packed full of colourful and exciting resources, percussion instruments and all the guidance and support a non-specialist teacher in the primary classroom needs to deliver five fun, progressive and meangingful curriculum music sessions, in the form of clear and concise planners, activity overviews and access to online resources and guidance videos.


Borrow these boxes for a full half term. The boxes will be delivered to, and collected from, your school office for use by your school with as many classes as you like. 


Book the boxes anytime! (subject to availability of course!) Just drop me a message and tell me which box(es) you want to borrow and when, and I'll confirm availability and arrange dellivery! 


I believe in the power of music and I love to teach it; however, I also believe music should and can be enjoyed by everyone (teachers and pupils alike) and every child should have access to consistent, meanginful music education. My aim is to promote music as an education tool and encourage and empower  all teachers to develop the confidence to incorporate it into their teaching day. 


A place for everything, and everything in its place

There are some fantastic music resource books and subscription programmes out there but often the sessions include activities that rely on having a variety of instrument combinations to hand. With these nifty boxes, you have the confidence that when you start to plan your music session, you have all the instruments and physical resources you need.
Lack of confidence can be a barrier to teaching music. The session planners in these boxes have been written with this in mind, with an aim to support and encourage every teacher  with easy to follow activities and instructions.

 build SKILLS



the power of music

These boxes are more than just music for fun. They address the currriculum, personal development, social skills, self discipline and so much more....not to forget the remote teacher training and support elements, also; I am only a message or a video call away to help with any questions or queries.
The tangible satisfaction of working with colouful work boards, flashcards, instruments as a whole class and also groups allows the children a fully hands on experience, with activities that go above and beyond singing songs and simple percussion work, resulting in a comprehensive music education experience.

Hands on fun

affordable and flexible

Bookable by the half term, with five handy session planners, you can immerse yourself in one session a day or pace yourself with one a week or anything in between; and once you have one it's yours to share with other classes as you wish and are able.

THE MUSIC TAKEAWAY BOXES currently available ARE: 

Foundation stage: Magnificent Minibeasts 
Key stage 1: shapes and patterns
key stage 2: boomwhacker blues

...with more to come.  

Contact me on for more info.

Borrow second or third third box for within the same delivery and collection period for a discount of 25%.


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