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Keeping Music going in this new world.

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

All of us. We are all just learning and feeling our way through this chaotic situation. In education, we are in particular turmoil due to these unprecedented times, mixed messaging and anxiety over following guidance as teachers prepare to bring pupils back into their classrooms for the first time in five months.

From my own perspective, my work has taken quite a shift. Like many fellow music educators, all work undertaken since mid March has been delivered through Zoom with students looking back at me through the screen. Despite fears, this worked surprisingly well! Apart from developing ICT skills I didn't know I had, the pupils I was working with seemed to enjoy the alternative set up.

I am so sad not to be able to return to the work I particularly love. The last stretch of work I did before lockdown was a series of whole class creative music workshops and now schools are starting to return, I am acutely aware that in the coming months I will miss the interaction, the smiles and giggles and even the noise of the percussion instruments when in full use! Full on engagement in music, including visiting tutors and educators, seems to still be a long way down the line.

However, all is not lost. Music can be an exceptional tool in regulating and relaxing children and help keep their moods raised. So, this first term of the new school year, and so pupils don't miss out, I am offering two free music sessions to schools with the option to book four more and complete the six week block (no obligation) at a discounted rate.

I am looking for schools to participate in a pilot service delivered through Zoom straight to the Primary School classrooom.

*Pilot sessions include:

Body/Makeshift Percussion Chants and Games

Tin Whistle


Tin Whistle and Recorder options are very much dependent on your own school set up and general health and safety procedures you have in place. However, with each school taking varying apporaches to resource use, classroom activity, I didn't want to not put the offer for instrumental sessions out there. I have been keeping a close eye on music education provision plans and delivery both here and mainland UK so if you would like to be pointed in the direction of further reading and current plans in schools in relation to guidance and expectations, please get in touch.

*Sessions take place within a 40 minute Zoom session

*Singing, beat and rhythm activities and general fun music making activities will play a part in every session, designed to not only cover music curriculum but promote pupil well being in this anxiety inducing period

*Pupils will need their own recorder or tin whistle if booking these particular sessions and it is recommended that instruments are kept in a ziplock bag when not in use

This is a pilot service so I am offering a limited number of schools two sessions completely free with the option (no obligation) to continue to complete the six week series of sessions at a discounted rate

Service is very much dependent on strong connectivity with schools through ipads specifically and the facility to mirror onto a smartboard. If this is a service you are interested in availing of, please get in touch!

To go ahead and book you slot or read more, please click:

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