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One of history's most influencial and time honoured philosopher, Plato, stated:

"Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the S o u l ".


If you believe in the inherent and long-lasting value of music for each and every one of us, you have come to the right place.

Scroll down to explore how I help to provide schools, teachers and the children in your care attentive, meaningful music education that contributes and supports the opportunity for them to bloom. If nothing quite fits your requirements, please tell me what would. In the past, a perfect alternative has always found. 

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Enable your primary school teaching staff to deliver effective and confident music sessions through these team teaching and training sessions either within or without the classroom.




Book a series of 4 sessions or one off workshops for any primary school age group packed full of positive, enlightening, musical fun to help develop confidence, communication and sense of well being.


The Music Takeaway: curriculum music borrow boxes

The Hello Fresh of Music Education! Borrow boxes packed full of resources, delivered to and collected from your school. As well as resources, the boxes contain detailed planners and access to online resource and support links.

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and perform

Be it P7 Leavers, year group assembly or end of topic round-up for social media, let me guide your pupils through a practical musical item for live or digital performance.

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Tie some practical music work into your topics with these curriculum based sessions. Available as one off workshops or a 4 part series.

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music:Tin Whistle

A series of 8 fun and interactive weekly sessions on the tin whistle for the whole class to enjoy. Suitable for Primary 4 and above.

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Education and well being

Music workshops to tie in with your well being and mindfulness planning or multi-school Shared Education sessions. Prepare a performance item for a showcase event!

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